The new infrastructures are getting ready soon

The university's term in process is getting to its end. The academic activities are moving smoothly towards the end of the year. Accordingly, the new term is about to start. Along with the academic activities, the construction process for the new campus of Gikungu is in a good speed. The project is being managed by the Provincial General secretary of the Anglican Churrch of Burundi.The site is next to the General Secretary of the Province, at faith Center

The buildings are foreseen to be in floors.  By this moment, the ground floor is finished. Nevertheless, the activities still need to continue. Considerable work is still remaining.

This expansion will enhance the start of the new faculty of Languages. The campus needs to host, besides the lecture rooms, a library, offices, etc. We hereby notice that the Faith Center had freed some infrastructures for the use university use in case of lack of locals. The main conference hall and the other hall upstairs were already prepared to accommodate the new faculty's lecture rooms. By this, nothing will prevent the new faculty from starting, be it the delay of the constructions.



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