Bishop elect of Matana diocese supports the university


Four days before he is consecrated bishop of Matana, Reverend Canon Seth Ndayirukiye, Bishop elect of Matana Anglican diocese, visits the university. It is a significant visit in the way the Province of the Anglican Church of Burundi is heading to two successive weekends of ceremonies. During those ceremonies, four bishops will be consecrated and three of them automatically installed. When still Provincial Secretary, Reverend Canon Seth  used to come to the university especially to share sermons during morning the devotion.

In the morning devotion of this Wednesday, he had come to share the sermon which might be the last before he becomes a bishop .  In his speech, he promised to continue supporting the university. A part from the big book of Historical Atlas sent by the Archbishop Martin, Nyaboho, Can Seth has brought a number of Theology books to offer to the university. He furthermore promised to give other additional books that were not brought today.

 As When he is a bishop of Matana, he promised to carry out further support to the university. We hereby mention that the diocese of Matana is already sponsoring 4 students 

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