Dr Sylvestre Nkurikiye
Vice Chancellor 

BUJUMBURA CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY (formerly Burundi Christian University)

This University validated under the Government Charter no. 610/556 of April 9, 2015 was created to support the spiritual and social harmony and development of Burundi,  the Anglican Archbishop (Emeritus), Bishops and the Provincial Synod of the  Anglican  Province of Burundi Church have supported the establishment of the Bujumbura Christian University.
The Anglican Church has made a long and valued contribution to primary and secondary education and now seeks to have a  University to extend this to a Higher Educational level.As an academic institution the BCU will play a major role in the spiritual, intellectual and socio-economic development of Burundi.  The Anglican Church can make a unique contribution through its pastors, its servants in different domains and its congregation to the life of the Country and the region.  

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