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The background to the establishing of the Bujumbura Christian University

In order to support the spiritual and social harmony and development of Burundi,  the Anglican Archbishop, Bishops and the Provincial Synod of the  Anglican  Province of Burundi Church have supported the establishment of the Bujumbura Christian University.       

  The Anglican Church has made a long and valued contribution to primary and secondary education and now seeks to have a University to extend this to a Higher Educational level.    As an academic institution the BCU will play a major role in the spiritual, intellectual and socio-economic development of Burundi.  The Anglican Church can make a unique contribution through its pastors and congregations to the life of the Province.

The BCU has the ambition to create a centre of high international academic excellence whilst maintaining contextual relevance to the actual needs in Burundi. BCU opens with a faculty of Pastoral Theology with the hope to expand with new faculties but always with the intention of relating Christian discipleship to various areas of study. The enhanced understanding gained can then be transmitted through a nationwide network of future leaders of local congregations to give spiritual understanding and social wisdom throughout the country.

The training of Church Pastors and Lay-leaders and other Students at BCU will have the following results:

• Provide high quality academic training – that is relevant to the spiritual and social life in Burundi.

• Use the present network of the Church to raise people’s educational level - through local schools and by producing well qualified people to lead seminars at a local and regional level.

• The Anglican Church would like to have Pastors having an education relevant to the context in which they live, Burundi and so have an education relevant to the context of Burundian culture in which they will live.

• To respond positively to many invitations already received to forge links with other academic institutions both within Burundi  - and  from universities abroad.