The objectives of BCU are summarized in its motto taken from the words of Jesus when speaking of himself  and which emphasis the all-inclusive nature of the Christian faith:  ‘The Way, the Truth and the Life.’

The aim is to achieve this as follows:

1 Passing on teaching and research, theoretical and practical knowledge in diverse fields;

2 By providing an education which stimulates the students own minds  to be able to evaluate various scholastic opinions.

3 By helping students to differentiate between prejudice and reason. 

 4 By helping students to value every person as created in God’s image and so have the desire to co-operate with anyone for the common good.

5  By stimulating, through seminars, symposia and conferences, greater understanding of the relevance of Christ’s  life and teaching to people’s life and work today so as to enrich their individual lives and  national life in Burundi in general.