A Leadership conference for church leaders

A Leadership conference for church leaders

In partnership with the Anglican diocese of Bujumbura, the university hosted a two-day conference on leadership based on character.

The latter took place on November 20 and 21 2017 and was animated by two main speakers from the Pointman Leadership Institute, UK, Neil Collin and Richard Wiggins. The conference was attended by leaders of the church both from the clergy and the laity. Also concerned were the students and the staff of the university. The participants were from all the nine dioceses of the Anglican Church of Burundi.

 120 attendants have completed the training and received the certificates by Pointman Leadership Institute.

Neil and Richard, from the Pointman Leadership Institute, UK animated the conference. Reverend Steve Muneza was with them and Bishop Eraste represented both the diocese and the university at the high rank.

The students were invited to interrupt their break and come down to Bujumbura. They all received the certificates.


 We are thankful to God and for his provision and guidance. Congratulations to all those that benefited from this conference. It's an advantage for the church and the whole community.