A new campus under construction

A new campus  under construction

Soon promised, soon done. During his last visit to Burundi, the Archbishop of Canterbury had, together with the Archbishop of Burundi, The Most Reverend Martin Blaise NYABOHO, broken the ground to mark the beginning of the construction activities for the university's campus.

Currently, the Province of the Anglican Church of Burundi is carrying out these activities, with the support of Trinity wall Street. It is a happy news that the university will soon be hosted in its own infrastructures.  That new campus is being built at Faith Center, next to the provincial office of the Anglican church

Let's keep informed that the university is until now working in the Rohero Campus, at the Holy Trinity Cathedral.

The building site

Meanwhile, the academic activities are being carried out in a good pace. We thank God for the different courses already finished, both in year 1 and in year 2. Moreover, it is encouraging to see that all the students are going about their work with full regularity.

We are very grateful for the volunteering lecturer, who came from the UK to offer great service to the university. He has just lectured on ''The Gospel of Mark'' in year 1 and on ''Apologetics'' in year 2. Other experienced theologians mainly from the UK promised to be coming soon from June.

We can't help mentioning the great work done by an accountant expert who came from the UK. Working with CMS (Church Missionary Society), She is helping the university in setting up the financial system. 

God has never delayed to answer our prayers and yours on behalf of the university. So we rejoice and enjoy to see a generation of committed students under theological training. It's a hope for the church, for the whole country and the broad community.

"This Christian University will lead this country in the way of holiness and righteousness"  The Most Reverend and Rt Hon. Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury