A students' evangelical trip to Gatumba Parish

A students' evangelical trip to Gatumba Parish

This Sunday, July 9th, BCU students of both year 1 and year 2 have made a visit to the Anglican parish of Gatumba.

The visit was planned under the motivation of their lecturer, Reverend Dr Thierry Bahizi. The latter is the vicar of that parish and at the same time he lectures at the university.

Gatumba is located near the border of Congo. 

It is just after crossing the main bridge on Rusizi river, when you are from the Bujumbura town towards Congo (DRC). that you find yourself in Gatumba. 

met at the University's campus of Rohero and set off for Gatumba at 8:00 a.m. They were all in one bus which they paid for themselves.                       

That sunny Sunday, the bus got to the destination parish when the congregation was eagerly waiting for them in joy and singing. A warm welcome was given them by the parish members, led by their pastor. They were privileged even in giving seats.  


Rev. Pastor Thierry, Vicar of the parish                                    The student's present team

The program was changed accordingly to shift a bit from the Anglican Prayer Book one's.  These students guests took the responsibility of readings and preaching. In addition, one of them shared his testimony, where he talked about the wonders of God upon his life and the way he came to carry on his studies.

in his welcoming words, Reverend Thierry encouraged the students to never give up but continue the work until its end. He henceforth urged the congregation. He spoke greatly of the importance this university of the Anglican church of Burundi is bringing to the church servants and leaders. 'An educated church leader will serve God in His church without , ' he said 'and the church will benefit from their academic training to develop and fight heresy'. 

A part from the different readings and the testimony done by the students, there were different choirs that have presented songs to praise God. The University students have got to present three songs and drew the congregation into worship with music. The congregation was very vibrant and happy to receive the student's team among them. 

 The students guests ( in front) singin

After the service, the congregation members greet one another and have short conversation to know one another. In the same way, the students entered in contact with other parish members to know one another and share experiences of their salvation. Also a delicious meal and drink had been prepared by the parish for the guests. They were accompanied until the bus stop where exchanged farewell signs.