Invitation to the Graduation Ceremony

Invitation to the Graduation Ceremony

The University is pleased to invite you to take part in the graduation ceremony of the first graduates of the Theology Faculty. 

The event will take place at Gikungu new campus on 12 February 2019. The activities of that day comprise a Commissioning Service, the Graduation Ceremony and the ending Reception.

The new campus is to start hosting students with the soon starting term. It is located at Faith Center.

The Faculty of Theology has started in 2015. Students learn through lectures and library research. In addition, as a Christian Community, students always start a day by praying together during the morning devotion.

The University has the ambition to create a centre of high international academic excellence whilst maintaining contextual relevance to the actual needs in Burundi. BCU has opened with a faculty of Theology with the intention of relating Christian discipleship to this area of study. We hope that the enhanced understanding gained will then be transmitted through a nationwide network of future leaders of local congregations to give spiritual understanding and social wisdom throughout the country.

The training of Church Pastors and Lay-leaders at BCU, we wanted to have the following results, such as:

• Provide high quality academic training – that is relevant to the spiritual and social life in Burundi. 

• Use the present network of the Church to raise people’s educational level - through local schools and by producing well qualified people to lead seminars at a local and regional level.