Learning by International experienced lecturers

Learning by International experienced lecturers

National and international lecturers contribute to enhance the learning at the Theology faculty. From this year's start, we are seeing lecturers committed to providing and facilitating the learning at BCU.

 We are grateful for the lectures of Reverend Peter Nevins from the United Kingdom. He has lectured on The Gospel of Mark  and Christian Apologetics. The university is thankful for his commendable work by lecturing and preaching. His preaching at BCU and at the Holy Trinity Cathedral as well is also an important contribution.


The presence of Canon Donald Werner and Dominic Furness as well as his wife Alison Furness (all from the UK) is very important to the BCU community. Donald will be lecturing for six weeks and Dominic also is lecturing while his wife Alison will be giving some Music lessons at both the Anglican and Roman Catholic cathedrals of Bujumbura. The university is grateful to their commitment to support it mainly by lectures


Besides lectures, Library work is very practical at BCU especially by hard books and computers with high speed internet. The university community being progressively enlarge, we are very grateful to the progress we are making. The yearly academic activities are at a good pace. Students are also committed to learning and practicing theology. 



This Sunday, 7th April, two of them will be ordained, one to be a full priest and the other to be a deacon. All are from Gitega Diocese and are doing Pastoral Theology.