The Graduation Ceremony in Theology

The Graduation Ceremony in Theology

Thirteen students in Theology graduated on February 12, 2019. These are the very first laureates of the Bujumbura Christian University (BCU). The day was wonderfully significant.

Over 200 honorable guests had responded to the invitation.  In addition to the Anglican church officials and members,  national and international partners and friends of the university attended the ceremony. The relatives of the graduates accompanied theirs to the event. The Vice-Chancellor Emeritus of the BCU Donald K. Werner Had come with Dick, another friend of the University in the UK. 

The Vice-Chancellor of BCU, Dr Sylvestre NKURIKIYE, pronounced a welcome speech. He talked in brief of what the University is doing today. The President of the Board of Governors, Bishop Eraste Bigirimana, described the context in which the University started, its vision, mission, future perspectives, etc. He thanked very much the international partners of the University namely: The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Fund, CMS, The Love Burundi, the North Durham Team, LMI, Help for Brothers,…

The Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Burundi and Chancellor of the University, Martin Blaise Nyaboho, defined the context in which the University was started and the church mission through education. The representative of the Ministry of Higher Education, Mr KIZITO Serges, congratulated the Anglican Church of Burundi for the idea of implementing a university and promised, on the behalf of the Ministry of Higher Education, that the Government will always support the university in every good and lawful initiative. Everyone of these repeated the congratulations to students and everyone who contributed to this achievement.

The Graduates representative, Habimana Jean Innocent, thanked the lecturers, the staff of the university and everyone who contributed for their education. He emphasized on the need of most of the students to continue the studies to the next levels.

A certificate of Merit was awarded to Revd Canon Donald K Werner, the Vice-Chancellor Emeritus, for his outstanding contribution in the implementation and development of the University. He expressed his joy of this event and retraced the beginning back in 2015 when the University started through the hardships and tragedies Burundi was passing through. However, students kept coming and strong in the Lord.